GETCAP Online Application

Apply for Utility Assistance Online  (VIDEO WALK THROUGH)

Scanned Documents Required

In order to complete your application and receive services, the following scanned documentation is required. Documents can be scanned using a desk scanner, or by taking clear pictures of the documents with a phone or tablet.

If your application is incomplete due to missing one of the following scanned documents, your services will be delayed for processing.

The following documents are needed to process your service request:

  1. Proof of any current income earned or received in the past 30 days for all household members. This proof can include:
    1. Current check stubs for the past 30 days
    2. 2018 Award Letters (TANF, SSI, SS, Etc.) Must be for the current year.
    3. GETCAP Employer Verification Form ( see below. This form MUST be accompanied by a DOIS)
    4. Unemployment documentation that is current within the past 30 days.
    5. Bank statements or Tax Documents are not accepted
  2. If no income has been earned or received, household members age 18 and older must complete the Declaration of Income Statement 
  3. Picture ID for applicant
  4. Current Utility Bills ( please send both the front and back sides of the bill) and any disconnection notices for electric and/or gas. The account must be active/ not disconnected.
  5. Current food stamp documentation; if applicable.
  6. Social security cards for all household members, if applicable.
  7. New for 2019 Proof of Citizenship is required for all House Members. No application will be processed without required documentation (see below). Proof of citizenship is required.
  8. REQUIRED – Download & print additional documents for FasTrack online application (Applications will not be processed without required documents listed above).

  9. I have my documentation and am ready to apply online.








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